Health Breakthrough! How this man changed his life 10 years after tumour Surgery!

Peter's Sharpen The Brain Testimony

Health Breakthrough! Watch Peter as he shares his experience of struggling to achieve optimal health and recover from a tumour operation 10 years ago. He received an amazing health breakthrough while using Ankh Rah’s natural high-quality supplements.

Transcription of the interview

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My name’s Peter. I’ve tried Moringa tablets, Red Algae and Sharpen The Brain.As it’s winter and I suffer with a pituitary condition the tablets I take suppress the immune system and my doctors and other health professionals tell me to have the flu jab. I had that in the past but I just ended up being
ill. I figured that if I could if I could take a really good food supplement
then that will help build my immune system where my current tablets suppress
it and see what other benefits I’ve got so it’s primarily to boost my immune

What benefits did you receive from using Ankh Rah supplements?

Experienced more vitality, more energy, clearer skin, initially.The main benefits I found was when I went to see my endocrinologist earlier in the month and he was very impressed with my results because one of the issues I was having
was since the brain tumour operation was a lack of growth hormone in my body. Now
as adults you don’t really need it because the body’s fully developed and
everything but you still need it for vitality and I suppose muscle growth
and he was really impressed he said it became normal and this has been an
ongoing problem for me for 10 years so he said if I wait to see the professor
at Bart’s where I’ve been before he said they would just decline me because now
it was within a normal range and I was really shocked because it just came
out of the blue and the only thing I can put it down to was taking
the Ankh Rah products. Because I was taking all three, as I said Moringa tablets, Red Algae
and Sharpen The Brain. There’s a strong likelihood because I had brain
condition now it’s more likely it’s going to be Sharpen the brain.

When did you start using Ankh Rah supplements?

Seven or eight weeks ago so the turnaround in improved
results happened very quickly. How long did you have this condition? Well the growth
hormone issue, 10 years.

Did you try any medication to try and get rid of it?

No the only thing you can do is to have the hormone injection.

Would you recommend Ankh Rah supplements Would you recommend anyone to get high-quality Ankh Rah supplements?