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Moringa Okra

Moringa Ackee

Superfoods (such as Moringa Ackee) are a part of the new health craze that has been trending on both the local and international market. This food group is thought to be nutritionally dense and thus

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Drumstick – Drumming your way to super health!

Drumstick Think drumstick, and you’re instantly hit by the aroma of well-made saambaar. A regular ingredient in one of the country’s beloved dals, the humble drumstick aka moringa is not new on the circuit, but

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Moringa: Latest Health Superfood Or Just A Fad?

    Superfood? Moringa plants, originally grown in Southeast Asia, are one of those amazing plants where every bit of them is useful; the leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are edible, and the stem has

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Moringa salad bowl

Moringa: Why is it called The Miracle Tree?

MORINGA is a valuable source of protein, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and many more. EMANUEL CHIBESAKUNDA, Lusaka MORINGA Oleifera originally comes from India, it has established well in Zambia and other countries in the Southern

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Moringa Leaf

From Sea Buckthorn To Moringa, The Oils That Your Skin Needs Right Now!

Going Natural There has been a rise in using rare and unusual ingredients in beauty and personal care products because of their benefits. From sea buckthorn, moringa to pomegranate seeds and olive oil, its time

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Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera or Drumstick Leaves You Should Know!

Drumstick Leaves We are already aware of the amazing health benefits of ‘drumstick leaves’ and its seeds. Recently,  By using sand and plant materials proteins from the Moringa Oleifera a researcher, Stephanie Velegol, created a

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moringa seeds

Indian plant seed ‘Moringa oleifera’ can bring clean water to millions, say scientists!

Proteins from the Moringa oleifera plant – a tree native to India – can help effectively purify water in developing nations at a low cost, say, scientists. The plant – commonly known as the drumstick

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moringa leaves

Moringa and mint: The magic plants!

Both moringa and mint can easily be described as magic plants. But we are yet to bring these magic plants to our kitchens and include them in our daily diet. Maybe this is the right

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Magic of moringa: the superfood where nothing goes to waste!

If moringa is yet to slip onto your radar, then it may be time to swot up on the plant that’s taking the foodie and beauty worlds by storm this year. Moringa Oleifera, to give

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