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The many health benefits of drumsticks!

moringa leaves

Drumsticks, many of us traditionally add (sing) to our dals and sambars for flavour. But even as we enjoy them, we have no idea how healthy drumsticks (Moringa oleifera) are! Share on X An ancient herbal remedy for many health issues, the leaves of Moringa (as it is sometimes called) or drumstick plant are now making a comeback all over the world as a health aid, thanks to its many benefits.

Bioactive compounds in Moringa leaves interact with the body’s active molecules to bring about improvements in health. In particular, the leaves of Moringa are rich in nutrition, including Vitamins B6 and C, riboflavin, beta-carotene, and magnesium. Here’s what a regular dose of Moringa leaf can do for your body. Share on X

For your heart: The Moringa leaf has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in dealing with heart disease Share on X and heart blockages.

For your hypertension: The leaf powder has a compound called quercetin that naturally reduces blood pressure without side effects.

For your blood sugar: Moringa leaves contain a compound that helps the body maintain alkalinity. Many of the side effects of high blood sugar result from acid-base imbalance.




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