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Moringa Tea Meets Chicken Seasoning!

Most people who know moringa identify it as moringa tea. But how many of you actually know that it can also be used to season and marinate meats? Welcome to this week’s I’m not a Chef, where I will take you on a mission with a culinary twist.

Our choice of food this week is chicken breast. We teamed up with Shavuot International, which provided Shavuot Moringa Tea as well as other Shavuot seasonings. Mix them all together and the outcome can be a delectable dish like Moringa-battered baked chicken. Sounds mouth-watering. And the best part? It’s good for you.

Let’s grab a few items, shall we? We’re going to need chicken breasts, flour, breadcrumbs, Shavuot Scotch bonnet pepper powder, Shavuot moringa

powder (we also opened the moringa tea bags and worked our seasoning magic), two to three eggs, paprika, salt, onion and olive oil.

Dip a strip of chicken breast (already washed with vinegar) in flour. Place that battered chicken in the beaten eggs, then coat with the combined breadcrumbs, Shavuot Scotch bonnet pepper powder, Shavuot moringa powder (which gives the dish a kick of flavour), paprika and salt. Repeat the process with all the strips, then add to greased baking tin, top with olive oil and chopped onion rings. The caramelised onion rings add some spice to the chicken. Then, pop it into preheated oven, turn after 10-20 minutes, add some oil and cook for an additional 10-20 minutes. And that’s it! Easy, healthy and tasty!




According to Shavuot International’s manager, Joel Harris, the company officially started two years ago, but Shavuot Farms began a year earlier out of a need for fresh produce.

The company’s products, particularly the moringa tea bags, are now available in major supermarkets in Kingston. Along with teabags of varying flavours, the company also makes castor oil. They decided to tap into the moringa tea market because of its great health benefits. Moringa is loaded with antioxidants, is rich in vitamins A, C, and D, amino acids, is high in protein and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. See? I told you moringa was good for you!

So, since I can’t eat chicken breast on its own, I also prepared a steamed vegetable medley and baked sweet potato wedges, and washed it down with Shavuot soursop moringa tea, freshly made by Harris. ‘Mr. Shavuot’ had ‘hmms’ echoing with every bite. So be sure to try it today. Until next time, live good, walk good, eat good.


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