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A favourite curry of a popular leader!

By S.H.Moulana

When we recall the memories of our past unblemished leaders our hearts get filled with love and respect for them. In this category late Dudley Senanayake occupied the pride of place because his kind of politics transcends party,  ethnicity, religion, which divides our people.

He was loved and respected by people and this could be gauged from the fact that almost a million from four corners of Sri Lanka from all walks of life came to Colombo to wish him goodbye, especially, at a time he was not holding any office at that time of his death.

I vividly remember organizing a group to serve fresh lemon juice to people waiting in the miles long queue to have a glance of this great statesman lying in state.

We had yet another politician from the south although he did not achieve success to be in any ruling side his life and work will be remembered with respect and admiration.

He is none other than late Dr. S.A.Wickramasinghe, who represented the Akuressa electorate for a long period of time. He led the Communist Party of Sri Lanka.

One day these two great personalities met in a rest house. Dudley was seen enjoying his meal and very especially his favorite dish ‘Murunga’ (Drumstick) & Scientific name: Moringa oleifera.

Dudley told the learned doctor about his love for Murunga for which the doctor responded with a huge list of benefits one gets by eating Murunga.

The encouraged statesman showed the doctor how much he relished this common dish.

Many reputed researchers have said this miracle Murunga has 7 times more vitamin C than in orange, 15 times more potassium than in banana, 17 times more calcium than in milk and 15 times more iron than in spinach (nivithi).

There are many medicinal uses for this ‘miracle tree’, many of them have been clinically tested.

Murunga also can significantly reduce cholesterol and reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Let’s follow our beloved leader and make Murunga a regular dish!

– Asian Tribune –

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