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Moringa Health Benefits And It’s Few Side Effects!

Here are some amazing moringa health benefits and it’s few side effects! Wondering what “Moringa” is? Don’t fret, you are not alone. Loaded with proteins, calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, fibre etc. Moringa is nothing but what we commonly know as Drumstick tree. Yes! You read it right, it’s our very own drumstick tree which has a list of health benefits that will run into pages. Commonly found in the Asian and the African subcontinents, health benefits of moringa outrun the benefits of most of the superfoods available in the markets these days. Thanks to the new trend, Moringa is increasingly becoming a common household name and item which we probably never knew grew in our very own backyards.

Moringa Health Benefits 

Most parts of the Moringa tree, be it the trunk of the tree, leaves, flowers or even the tender pods, are used for consumption either in the form of food or in certain herbal medicines. Some of its benefits are:

Moringa health benefits

Moringa does help in Weight loss

Many kinds of research have shown that the constituents of moringa help in reducing or containing weight gain and in getting the fats in the body moving and thereby burning it. The low amount of fat and a good quantity of fibre present in moringa leaves has given it a miracle food tag by weight watchers.

Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Moringa has some of the most powerful anti-oxidants which help in reducing and even reversing oxidative stress to a certain extent. This property helps in keeping the health of our vital organs like heart, kidneys, and liver in turn keeping many chronic diseases away.

The anti-inflammatory property of moringa helps in reducing swelling of hands and feet also known as oedema. Edema is the excessive amount of fluids that get retained in the tissues of hands and feet, this is a very painful disease which can be kept under control with the help of moringa.

Consistent and regular intake of moringa, especially the moringa leaves, has shown a radical increase in the antioxidant levels in the blood.

Moringa’s Effects on Skin and Hair

All the important vitamins and proteins present in moringa help in getting the desired smooth and beautiful skin and lustrous hair. The high levels of Vitamin A and C present in moringa nourish the skin from within and the result is glowing skin. All the protein along with the vitamins in moringa gives the hair building blocks making it strong and shiny, a healthy appearance inside out!


Moringa leaves are considered as an important part of the diet of lactating mothers. Moringa leaves have shown to help increase milk supply in new mothers.


Chlorogenic acid present in moringa helps in maintaining a healthy level of glucose levels in the blood. High blood sugar levels for an extended period of time is not good for vital organs like heart, kidneys etc. Once the organs get damaged it can amount to some serious diseases like heart diseases, kidney failure. Therefore, moringa is considered to be a blessing in disguise helping diabetics control and manage their blood sugar and the way insulin reacts in their body.

moringa side effects


The huge amounts of calcium present in moringa makes it an ideal ingredient to be added to our meals. The leaves, as well as the pods, can be included in the diet to gain the benefits out of it. Moringa proves to be very beneficial especially for kids who are in their growing years and women who are 30 plus.

Some other Moringa Health Benefits 

The anti-oxidant properties of moringa give it a label of preservative as well. This is because it helps in preventing excessive oxidation hence in many cultures it is used as a preservative.

Side Effects of Moringa  (If Overused)

With all these benefits it can get hard to believe that such a miracle food can have any side effects.

Though the leaves, bark, and pods from the moringa trees are widely used for herbal medicines and foods, its roots and seeds are considered to be toxic.

Another side effect of moringa is that the roots, bark, and seeds may cause contractions in pregnant women thereby causing a miscarriage hence it is not recommended for pregnant women.

The fad of eating moringa supplements (in the form of capsules and tablets as available these days) won’t necessarily give you any additional health benefits if you are already eating a balanced diet. This isn’t a side effect of moringa but certainly nothing from which we have anything to gain health wise.

Finally, it’s always good to check with your doctor before starting on any new diet especially if you are already prone to certain health issues.

Hope this well-researched article on Moringa Health Benefits and Side Effects of Moringa helped you gain some info. Thanks for stopping by.


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