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Charles’s Story (Ankh Rah CEO/Director)

I’m Charles, the director of Ankh Rah Ltd. There was a point in my adult life when my body began to change, most noticeably in my skin after years of eating what I thought was a healthy diet (mainly chicken and fish). To cut the long story short, I spent 2 years going from a doctor to a dermatologist for a skin problem they thought was caused by genetics and age.

Doctors tell me I would have to accept being prone to these conditions. My business partner was the one who introduced me to natural remedies. It was only after 2 days of detoxing, healthy eating and natural treatment, that I saw significant improvement on my skin.

After being introduced to Moringa, I started to include it in my daily routine. Drinking Moringa Powder as tea in the morning made me feel energized and revitalized.

It also made me feel different emotionally. I’m such in a good mood for no apparent reason. All I can think of was that, “Was it because of the Moringa Powder?”

Amazing Moringa

Moringa provides nutrition on a cellular level and contains amazingly rich protein. And so after finding out the abundance of nutrition it brings, Ankh Rah endeavoured not only to find Moringa but also to get only the finest Moringa in the world. Knowing that the higher quality of Moringa, the more benefits and the faster the results appear.

Having felt like I had rolled back ten years in looks, fitness, and energy, I approached my friend who introduced me to Moringa who just happened to have worked at Holland and Barrett and was very familiar with different health products on the market. He knew there was nothing like Moringa that is available in the market. The more research I did, the more I realized that this was the product the general public was looking for in order to improve their lifestyles. With Moringa being an ancient plant, we wanted the company to have an ancient name with a purpose and meaning. So we came up with Ankh Rah Ltd. With the Ankh meaning the key to life and Rah meaning energy.

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Because we care – We give back to the community.

 Calisthenics Classes Reviewed by Big Review TV

Come join the Ankh Rah nutrition powered calisthenics classes. £40.00 monthly gym membership. When you join under Ankh Rah, you get 50% discount with full access to sauna room and all other facilities at any time. For more information contact Ankh Rah via email:

Ankh Rah on GKTV

NEW SHOW – brought you by gotKushTV. In the midst of the Health Revolution, we bring you the highest calibre Health practitioners in the world. In this episode, we feature Ankh Rah Supplements, giving a live tutorial for making your very own Superfood Smoothie, with the assistance of their high power products.

Your Healthy Living Blog

Giving Back to the community, Ankh Rah also provides Free supplementary health information, beneficial exercises, healthy recipes, tips and secrets on your Healthy Living Blog. Click here and find many ways to improve your health and lifestyle.

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