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9 Moringa Oil Benefits That Will Change Everything!

Moringa Oil Benefits

Who doesn’t love a good multi-tasking natural ingredient? Share on X Moringa oil benefits your skin, hair, and slip in your smoothie? You know, like coconut oil. The powerful multipurpose moringa plant is making its way into many a wellness routine, and this natural ingredient has many beauty benefits, too. Share on X

One of the best aspects of natural beauty is that it’s constantly evolving. Experts are always discovering new ways to use the earth’s bounty for healthy skin and hair. While many of these ingredients seem new to us, most have been used for centuries.

Egyptians knew about the beauty perks of moringa oil, obtained by pressing seeds of the moringa tree and used it to protect the skin. The ingredient was so revered in Egyptian culture that they were often buried with jars of the oil.

Moringa oil is native to Northern India and is a staple in Ayurvedic skin care. The oil is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, good for smoothing, calming and clearing the complexion. Often compared to argan oil, moringa is lighter and more easily soaks into skin, making it a suitable choice for all skin types. Share on X

More recent evidence suggests moringa oil may have links to battling cancer! Share on X. Study results show the oil killed 50% of colon cancer cells tested while leaving normal cells intact.

As with most natural ingredients, it’s important to use products made with high-quality moringa oil. Cold-pressed moringa oil contains the highest levels of nutrients and antioxidants. GVP sources its cold-pressed moringa oil from small organic growers to ensure only the best goes into its products.

Maybe you’ve sipped a moringa-infused tea or smoothie. Well now’s your chance to extend the star ingredient’s goodness to your complexion.

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