About Ankh Rah

Moringa Oleifera Products

We are a Health and Nutrition Company providing the highest quality in natural foods and supplements from source to end product.
We created Ankh Rah in response to the general public’s growing concern for health and nutrition. We specialise in products derived from the Moringa Tree. We have tested Moringa from India, The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Israel, Jamaica, Sudan, Egypt, The Gambia and Ghana.

We have found the highest quality Moringa Oleifera powder is farmed by our supplier who has been farming Moringa Oleifera for generations. Our suppliers expert farming knowledge enables them to produce moringa of the highest quality. On its arrival in the UK, Ankh Rah carry out a variety of tests on the Moringa.

We test all shipments to ensure their quality. Professional sports men and women can use Ankh Rah’s award winning High Quality Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Tablets which may enhance their performance as they are 100% natural and tested according to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) testing standards (ISO 17025).

In addition to Moringa Oleifera, Ankh Rah stock a unique variety of High Quality products all operating on a cellular level, easily absorbed, that when taken with High Quality Moringa Oleifera provide the body with a balanced range of nutrients essential for the body’s well being.

Ankh Rah High Quality Moringa Leaf Powder

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